Ambien Drug Rehab

What is Ambien?

Ambien Drug RehabAmbien is one of over 20 brand or trade names for a prescription medication known as Zolpidem (generic name) which is used to treat sleeping disorders and some brain disorders. It is a fast-acting, non-benzodiazepine hypnotic that usually takes effect within 15-20 minutes. Although it has not been adequately demonstrated to be effective for maintaining sleep, its hypnotic effects are similar to those experienced with other benzodiazepine medications. However, it is very distinct from other benzodiazepine drugs based on its molecular composition. With the rise in prescriptions over the previous years, a new wave of Ambien drug rehab and addiction treatment programs have sprouted up. At Freedom Treatment Center, we have extensive experience dealing with addiction. We can help you find an Ambien drug rehab program that works.

Is Ambien Addictive?

Ambien is not only highly habit forming, it is oftentimes over-prescribed by physicians. It is such an easy or quick fix for insomnia, that examinations or studies to reveal underlying problems with the individual (e.g. bi-polar disorder, depression, etc.) may never be conducted because of its immediate effectiveness. When an individual overuses the drug and then is taken off the medication, they may eventually start suffering with rebound insomnia. Remember that Ambien is prescribed for getting to sleep, not staying asleep.

Retrograde amnesia (forgetting what occurred just prior to and shortly after the drug was ingested) is another side effect of Ambien abuse. This can have devastating consequences for health and relationships of the user. The lack of control can also lead to mixing Ambien with other substances, creating a potentially lethal combination. Unfortunately, the majority of those programs are conducted at the traditional addiction treatment and recovery facilities that do not properly treat the addiction to Ambien.

Ambien Drug Rehab and Addiction Help at Freedom Treatment Center

The Freedom Treatment Center offers Ambien addiction help and programs that effectively treat you so that you recover permanently and remain substance-free for life. Our facility offers methods and therapies in a residential environment so that while you are in residency here, you will be staying in a homelike setting. This is far more comforting and far less intimidating than the clinic or hospital-like traditional facilities.

At Freedom Treatment Center you will be provided with educational materials, and other recovery tools, so that you won’t have to fear relapsing into your addiction again once you have completed the Ambien drug rehab program that you enroll in. We can effectively tailor a program that targets your specific addiction treatment and recovery needs whether you enroll in any of the following programs:

  • In-patient
  • Out-patient
  • Short-term residency (typically 28 days)
  • Long-term residency (over 28 days if the addiction is more severe)

Additionally, you will not be subjected to a medical detox unless your dependence on Ambien has continued for a long time and the addiction is considered very severe. If you would like more information on our Ambien addiction treatment programs, or if you have further questions, please contact us at the toll-free phone number listed at the top of the page.