Cocaine Drug Rehab

Cocaine Drug Rehab
When someone has been using cocaine, there are going to be many different side effects. Cocaine interferes with the transmitters in the brain that regulate dopamine, and when this happens, a high occurs. The high that a person gets from using is very alluring, because it has been described as the best feeling that people have ever felt while using a drug, or ever. Because the high is so intense, users will often do anything they can to feel that way again – leading to addiction and the need of a cocaine drug rehab program.

Cocaine causes the brain to prohibit the good feelings that will occur naturally, so users enter a cycle in which the cocaine causes them to feel a high, and the absence of cocaine causes them to feel very low, and therefore need to fight in order to find something which will feel as good. Most often they turn back to cocaine, and the cycle begins again.

Cocaine is derived from the leaves of the coca plant native to the Eastern slopes of the Andes, and is cultivated in Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. Cocaine was first extracted from the leaves in 1855, and first isolated as the active ingredient of the coca plant in 1859. For a hundred years since these discoveries, cocaine was used in a variety of products ranging from coca cola to wine, and even today continues to have limited use in the medical field as an eye, nose and mouth anesthetic. With the Controlled Substance Act of 1970, cocaine has been classified as a level II substance, and is illegal drug except for medical purposes.

Addiction Help at Freedom Treatment Center

The Freedom Treatment Center has a rehab program that will break the bonds of this highly addictive substance. Our program teaches students to:

  • Avoid situations that could result in additional emotional, mental, and physical harm
  • Communicate in a more effective manner
  • Confront their particular situation
  • Control their individual situations
  • Employ the necessary tools that help them to acquire and retain the knowledge of what they have learned
  • Improve their problem-solving skills
  • Overcome living in the past
  • Purge their bodies of substance residues
  • Restore a sense of ethical, moral, and responsible behavior as well as their integrity