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Michigan Drug Rehab

Michigan Drug Rehab Statistics

Average Age: 29

Average Drug of Choice: Alcohol/Heroin

Michigan is home to Motor City, and the majority of heroin users. While the average user age is 29 in Michigan, statistics also show that the majority are male with 73 percent and females with 27 percent. Their drugs of choice are heroin with 28 percent, alcohol with 23 percent, cocaine or crack at 22 percent, and miscellaneous drugs totaling 27 percent.




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Michigan Drug Rehab

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If you are one of those statistics, using drugs to kill the stress of everyday life or drinking yourself into a dull oblivion, you need to call the experts at Freedom Treatment Center to see about your rehabilitation options. We provide an extra service by letting you choose the programs that work best for you. This gives you the advantage of having a customized treatment program that works best for you. Along with getting you into a calm peaceful center where you are only focusing on getting better, getting healthier.

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Freedom Treatment Center offers many treatment options to get you sober and keep you sober. If you are looking for a recovery center, or if you have a loved one that is looking for answers, we urge you to pick up the phone and give FTC a call. We are there to help, whenever you need us.

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