Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the treatment center offer biochemical restoration and how do they define biochemical restoration?
Biochemical restoration is the repair of the body’s ability to properly function. Toxins and drugs create vitamin and mineral deficiencies within the body, which create various physical ailments. For example, an alcoholic burns up all the vitamin B1 within their bodies and when this is all gone delirium tremens (DT’s) occur, along with nightmares. Due to toxins and drug residuals remaining in the body for prolonged periods of time, the body may continuously suffer from the effects of being vitamin and mineral deficient. Our drug rehab has clients follow a vitamin and mineral regimen throughout their treatment program to assist these issues. The physical aspect is addressed followed by the mental and emotional factors being handled.
Q: How does the treatment center plan to eliminate depression, anxiety, sleep problems, mood swings, and racing mind?
To eliminate the above ailments, Freedom Treatment Center utilizes various procedures that allow an individual to discover the root of their issues, as well as regaining control over them. Our initial goal is to teach each individual to be comfortable with themselves followed by confronting their issues. We believe that one is unable to effectively confront and handle any issue in life if they lack the ability to be comfortable. For example, if someone has high social anxiety, throwing someone into a social setting may not be beneficial, as this person is unable to be comfortable with themselves, let alone others. As a person gains the ability to be comfortable as they are, they will be more capable of gaining control over their anxiety with others. If someone is thrown into something without this ability, they may create various vias, which may make the situation more comfortable, such as drinking alcohol to alleviate the stress of social interaction, but the true issues have yet to be effectively handled. From there, Freedom Treatment Center expands on the ability to confront, as well as communicate. These three skills are the foundation to anyone’s ability to truly control themselves, others and their environment. This is the essential foundation to truly overcome any obstacle in the past, present and future.

The main purpose of Freedom Treatment Center’s drug rehab program is to confront issues in life that have led each individual down the path they have chosen, as well as gain control over all aspects of their lives and assume responsibility for themselves, their actions and their lives. Through confronting the past and regaining control, each individual will have the ability to truly live in the here and now. When we are able to be in the moment and focus on what is occurring now, many ailments alleviate themselves.

For example, if someone went through a devastating loss that person may no longer be living in the present. Different situations, people, conversations, etc. may remind them of that past loss. This can lead an individual into a deeper depression. Throughout the program as these issues are confronted, clients learn to live in the present and see things for what they truly are in that moment and not as they once were. This allows a person to effectively handle any issue, as well as truly enjoy the positive times and moments in their lives. During this process, each person is able to find their own strengths, self-worth and self-confidence, and that they are capable of anything.

In addition to this, clients may have issues arise prior to completely gaining control of their lives, so staff members are available around the clock to assist each client through one-on-one counseling. The methods utilized at Freedom Treatment Center brings clients immediately into present time, which allows clients to come to their own realizations giving them immediate relief from the ailment. If any client has issues during these portions of our drug rehab program, staff is there to guide and help clients conquer their issues to end any of the above listed ailments.

Q: How involved is the doctor with client care and how available is the doctor for client's needs?

Once clients arrive, they are seen and evaluated by the doctor to ensure there are no immediate concerns that should be addressed. From that point forward, the doctor is available to clients by appointment, as needed. Each client’s medical needs are different, so doctor involvement varies based upon each individual’s needs.

Q: How many individual, one-on-one counseling sessions will the client receive each week?

After clients have completed the withdrawal portion of our drug rehab program, they receive one-on-one counseling for approximately two weeks. This helps the staff know what needs to be addressed during the clients stay at our facility. The one-on-one counseling also helps the clients become more comfortable with speaking to the staff about personal issues.

After the initial one-on-one counseling with our Master Social Workers, clients are required to participate in group therapy four time a week. From this point forward, one-on-one counseling can be continued if the client desires or if the staff feels it necessary for the client’s recovery.

Q: What qualifications does the medical and counseling staff have?

The counselors that Freedom Treatment Center has on staff include the following:

  • Licensed Master Social Worker (MSW)
  • Registered Nurses and Licensed Practitioner Nurses
  • Licensed General Practitioner
Q: What is the primary method of treatment?

Freedom Treatment Center utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as moral recognition therapy. These forms of treatment focus on each individual’s ability to control themselves, their thought processes and actions, which enable clients to overcome various issues in their lives. Cognitive behavioral therapy empowers each individual and allows them to discover their own salvation within themselves. Moral recognition therapy assists clients in building up their self-esteem, confidence and self-worth for themselves. The methods of treatment that Freedom Treatment Center utilizes gives each client control to discover for themselves how to help themselves overcome addiction.

Q: Is the program holistic in nature and what does that mean?

Our drug rehab program is holistic in nature. Holistic treatment focuses on healing the body, mind and spirit. These three aspects are the foundation of each individual and must all be handled; leaving one of these points out opens the door for an incomplete recovery. Drugs and alcohol are toxins/poisons, which destroy the physical body and deplete one of necessary vitamins and minerals. Through the use of holistic treatment, the body is replenished with vitamins and minerals, as well as nutritional support.

Once a client’s body is handled and functioning properly, our drug rehab program focuses on the mind. During drug use, reaction times are slowed, reality is distorted and one’s ability to problem solve in diminished, among many other issues as well. Freedom Treatment Center uses various exercises that handle the issues that led clients down a certain road in life, along with strengthening their thought process and logical thinking.

Lastly, our holistic program focuses on the client’s spirit. This is what makes clients who they are as a person. If clients have a higher power, this is where they will reconnect with that. Our drug rehab program encourages clients to reconnect with all aspects of their lives. This means clients will reconnect with themselves and who they truly are as an individual, family member, group member, citizen, etc.. The reconnection process allows clients to regain their own ethics, in order to discover who they really are, take responsibility for their lives and their decisions, as well as mending relationships that suffered during addiction.

As clients complete all of the above, they will have completely regained their body, mind and spirit. This provides clients with the necessary tools to maintain the progress and changes that have been accomplished upon leaving our facility.

Q: Is the treatment plan customized to the client's individual needs and goals? Does the client participate in creating their treatment plan?

Our program is laid out in a standard fashion. A person can and will benefit from each portion of the program. They are broad concepts, that are then tailored to the benefit of the individual. Upon completion of the program, there are often times an extended program that is tailor made for the individual and any remaining issues that may need more attention.

Freedom Treatment Center ensures that each step of the program is completed by each person, opting out of any section is not an option. There is a strong communication line between staff and clients. The only time a program is modified is if there is a medical condition that prevents a student from participating. Our program focuses on mind, body, and spirit; each step is important in one’s recovery.

Q: Does the center prescribe addictive medications, such as suboxone, methadone, opiates or benzodiazepines?

Freedom Treatment Center does not prescribe any addictive medications for any reason. Our facility is completely drug free and addictive substances are not allowed for any reason.

Q: What kind of exercise program will the client participate in?

The exercise program is taken on a gradient. In the initial phase of treatment, our program ensures that clients have successfully completed withdrawal and are physically able to participate. Once clients enter the sauna detox program, they will begin their day with 30 minutes of cardio exercise. Cardio is only required during the sauna detox portion of our program.

However, our treatment facility does provide a full gym and many clients create their own workout plans with goals to achieve. We are very fitness oriented and  both staff and clients participate in achieving fitness goals and healthy lifestyles. Many clients find the gym to provide them with many benefits, not only physical, but mental and emotional as well.

Q: Will the client meet with a licensed nutritionist?

Freedom Treatment Center does not have a licensed nutritionist on staff, but our culinary staff does provide balanced meals. Generally the meals include protein, carbohydrates and vegetables, along with a full salad bar available to clients. If a client has special dietary needs, our staff will ensure these are met as well.

Q: How often does the staff discuss the client's clinical and medical progress?

The staff at Freedom Treatment Center goes over ever client’s progress and status on a daily basis. This is to ensure that if there are any issues in a client’s program that it is handled immediately. Our staff understands that each client is going to face obstacles during their recovery, so the staff prepares every morning by reviewing all of our client’s programs and creates a plan for each client as needed.

Q: Is the staff available 24/7?

There is staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The majority of the staff is on the facility’s premise by early morning and staying until the evening times. In addition to this, there are staff members that work overnight, such as medical and security to ensure the safety and well-being of all clients in Freedom Treatment Center’s care.

Q: Is the treatment center licensed by the state?

Freedom Treatment Center is licensed through the State of Michigan.

Q: Will the clients have access to their cell phones and laptops?

Clients do not have access to their personal cell phones or laptops during any portion of their treatment at our facility. We have a phone room with specific times for phone calls three times a day. Each client has a pre-approved contact list created by the family. During the phone times, the phone numbers are dialed by a staff member and there is a staff member in the room monitoring the conversations. This step may seem extreme, however, it is necessary in ensuring the safety and security for all involved.

We are aware there are situations that require privacy. Staff members will bring a student into an office to make private calls as needed.  While it is a safety precaution, we do cater to each individual’s situation as well.

Q: Will the treatment center provide the client with legitimate names and phone numbers of past clients to speak with regarding their treatment experience at the center?

Due to HIPPA, we cannot provide a list of names or contact information for former clients. However if this is a request, we can contact former clients and provide information if they are willing and comfortable.  It must be approved through the individual first.