Personal Values and Integrity Course

Personal Values Integrity CourseThe next drug rehab course is an imperative step forward for the former addict. The individual learns all about their ethics, morals, responsibility and how integrity is lost and exactly how it can be restored. The next part is a healing process in which a person sheds his misdeeds of the past and gains relief from the trauma and guilt of those misdeeds. The individual who no longer feels guilty about his past is able to improve choices in life by applying the basic concepts of ethics and morals moving them forward into a positive future. Individuals also learn to make better choices regarding not only their survival, but also the survival of their families, work groups, and mankind. This helps to remove the clients from the often self-centered focus that addiction causes and better able to become a contributing member of the family and society.

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Becoming Responsible

Most people, who have a drug addiction are inherently good people. We feel guilty for the things that we have done, and generally speaking, the best tool we have had so far is the guilty apology. “I’m sorry”. But sorry isn’t always good enough. For us to truly change, we must become responsible.

Just because we have put down the drugs and alcohol, doesn’t necessarily mean that we have become responsible, although it is a step in the right direction. Responsibility, in its most basic of definitions becomes our ability to take ownership for our actions and how they affect others around us.

Drug addicts and alcoholics in the midst of their addictions have notoriously low responsibility levels, regardless of whether or not they “pay the bills and show up for work on time”. They must have low responsibility levels for it enables them to do what they do. This is not a criticism, but a simple fact. How many drug addicts, before heading out the door to use drugs, say to themselves “Well, I know that in my doing this I am putting myself in legal and medical danger, increasing my addiction, and I understand exactly how my family will be heartbroken and the feelings they will go through.” If they did truly see it that way, they probably wouldn’t head out the door in the first place.

Simply deciding not to use drugs isn’t enough. For again, if our responsibility level is low enough, we will eventually create an avenue of escape. “One more can’t hurt. I’m not hurting anyone.” In addition, with each harmful act that we do to ourselves and others, we become more filled with guilt, anger, shame and remorse. Over time, we are burdened with a lifetime of guilty acts. The only recourse is to “make the uncomfortable feelings go away” through the use of mood altering substances. A never ending spiral.

Freedom Treatment Center Beliefs

At the Freedom Treatment Center, we believe in understanding, action, and freedom. In other words, telling someone to simply “be responsible” is basically meaningless to most people. In order to become responsible you must understand what it means, as well as get into action towards getting there. In taking full responsibility for our past actions, raises our responsibility level, enables us to behave rightly, and allows us to become free of a lifetime of shame and regret.

The Personal Values and Integrity Course seeks to do several things towards increasing responsibility through understanding and application. How do we achieve this? By going back through our lives and looking at each harmful act that we have committed on ourselves and others. This seems like an overwhelming task, but it must be done. In looking at each harmful act, we must now finally take accountability for what happened and how this affected others. In doing so, we can actually do several things:

  • Understand how our actions always have an effect on ourselves, different areas of our lives, and those around us.
  • Raise our responsibility level so that we understand how our past actions affected ourselves and those around us.
  • Take accountability for our actions
  • Decrease the chances of us repeating the same behaviors
  • Give us the tools to remain responsible and accountable to ourselves and others.
  • Remove years of guilt, shame and remorse
  • Become free of our past

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