Freedom Treatment Center Facility

Freedom Treatment CenterFreedom Treatment Center is located in Southern Michigan within a quite residential area. Our facility sits on 10 acres of land and has a 58,000 sq. ft. building that offers many amenities to help our clients feel as much at home as possible.

Our staff understands that being comfortable within a treatment facility is important to the individual’s recovery, just as what the program offers is important. Freedom Treatment Center not only wants to offer one of the best methods of recovery through our drug rehab program, but also a conducive environment to recover in.

Our Rehab Center

Our rehabilitation center wants each client to feel comfortable while receiving the help they need to overcome addiction. This is why our facility includes:

  • 24 hour staff
  • Quiet withdrawal area
  • Private bedrooms
  • Game room (pool table, ping pong table, card tables)
  • Library
  • Living rooms for males and females
  • Volleyball court
  • Walking paths
  • Bonfire area
  • Full salad bar and dining area
  • Sauna area
  • Full gym for weight lifting

What Is Included at Freedom Treatment Center

Freedom Treatment Center includes room and board, nutritional vitamins, medical screening and monitoring, daily supplements and educational materials. Most health insurance policies will cover a portion or all of a stay at a treatment center. If you do not have insurance, we will work with you to find a financial plan that fits your budget. Fill out the form on our website or call our toll-free number to talk to someone today.


If you think someone you love is abusing drugs, you can look for a variety of signs. Some signs of drug abuse include bloodshot eyes, unusual bodily smells, unexplained changes in attitude or personality, vomiting, coughing, needle marks, lack of motivation, sudden change in friends or hangouts and being paranoid for no reason. If you notice any of these signs, sit them down and have a talk with them about the addiction. Do not lecture, try to punish or yell at them because this will only push them away. Try to talk them into admitting the problem and agreeing to get help. Once they admit the problem and ask for help, give us a call to help save the individual from their destructive path. Do not wait until it is too late, pick up the phone or send us your contact information today.